Halftime Performance?

Though by definition I’m probably a few birthdays in to “middle age”, my most recent cake and candle splurge really reminded my that yes, I am solidly in that particular demographic. Time for a new Mustang, plastic surgery and prescriptions, right? Not a chance, time a new approach is a better option!

After a lifetime of sports and fitness, I could be accused of viewing life through a small, gym lens, where just about any situation can be improved by a bout of exercise. Simple, yes, but you know..it just might work.

A great thing about embarking on a fitness regimen is always having a new goal or challenge in front of us. Many of us even become addicted to the daily high of effort and achievement, with the positive rewards pushing us forward to greater progress. Unfortunately, with age, some of that progress becomes increasingly slow, and fighting gravity with free weights is at times easier than fighting gravity with our skin! So often this is when discouragement sets in and our workouts that added vigor to our day begin to drag, and that drag and lack of energy often bleeds into our other activities.

Looking at these realities ( and the mirror!) I realized that our middle years are simply that, the middle, and the ex-athlete in me related this to halftime of a ball game. Half time is far from over the hill, downhill or the peak of the game. It is the mid-point where the smart coaches and players review the first half and make adjustments that allow them to dominate the second half! Many sports analysts will point out that the team who comes out fast after halftime will go on to win the game. If we can approach our 3rd and 4th quarters with that same outlook, think of how many more “games” are there for us to win. In a great life or great game, the game winning, clutch moments take place late in the game, and that is what all athletes strive for and are remembered for.

What adjustments can you make at halftime with your health and fitness routine that will allow YOU to be stronger in the second half?

Follow along for tools and tips and fitness routines that not only allow you to win in the gym, but more importantly leave you with plenty of time and energy to improve and excel in your daily life.


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